Syscooling 12S-5 water cooling radiator 120mm aluminum material

アイテムナンバー: 12S-5
In/out: G1/4 thread
Water channel:12
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Product model: 12s-5 
Material: aluminum
Number of waterways: 12
Scale density: 18FPI
Overall size: 154*120*22mm(length * width * height)
Fan size: 12*12cm
Number of fans: 1 (per side)
Inlet and outlet: inner diameter is 5mm, outer diameter is 7mm
Product net weight: 185g
Application: Apply to PC water cooling system and other electronic equipment

The surface is treated with baking paint to prevent oxidation and corrosion.
Channel and scale adopt lead-free brazing technology.
Comply with eu RoHS environmental protection certification.
It is recommended to use the special heat conduction fluid of Syscooling brand..
Can be used with N6 black rubber hose.